Monday, May 7, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 7 (15:12-17:23)

Junk bus. All causes. Always causes drivers pain  No oil

Travails of the lift drivers  Lift is inhumane

No relief. Driver collapsed
Incident report
$20 into fare box
Stuck on Naito for 45 mins
Accident report
Max operator removed from service for violating train order
Here’s a good question does drop off only include wheelchairs
Bus driver reports other bus is smoking
White shirt doesn’t know what bus driver is doing
Shopping cart criminal
911 looking for this guy
Stumbled onto the bus
Broke bus door and shattered window
A fine trimess
Directly to Emmanuel. Find husband
Priority. Construction. Operator says it’s unsafe to pick people up. He just left them standing there👎🏻
Dispatch is ‘slammed’
Always trespassing
Max hard stop
Bus driver wonders where leader is. Not there. Pass ups. Trimet fail. Again
Max mayhem. All types
Debit card
Mirror strike. Bus out of service. Bus driver excited. Been there 1year
Woman sitting in middle of the road
Dangerous branch

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