Saturday, May 5, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 4. (00:00-12:00)

Light rail fails, all causes

Junk buses, all causes

Travails of the lift drivers
Always trespassing

Refuses to get off train
Bus shot at. Friday night
Courtesy ride, not thrilled about it
He’s screaming at me
He was pounding on my windows and another guy throwing things at my train
ATS trip
Toilet overflowing and ants take over bus shelter
Max drivers don’t get breaks
Bus driver says he needs break
He flew down the stairs of the bus
He’s very obnoxious complaining about me stopping for red lights
30 high school kids
Go ahead girl
Fell out of his seat
Bruce Hansen, former ATU president, questions safety
Turned left to soon
School bus hit pedestrian
Max mayhem
Driver break room toilet overflowing
PSU parade
🐄 out
Trimet porn
Always trespassing
A trimess
I have a lady on the bus who’s loud and nuts

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