Friday, May 4, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 2

Falling further and further behind means I listen to less and less calls. Impossible to keep up with all the calls

Light rail fails-all causes, including streetcar

What to do with the dispossessed?

Junk buses

So many wrong use of priorities.

Extremely drunk on the bus

Drunk male says he’s gonna hit me

Bus driver tries to save lost and confused. (Don’t bother)

Go ahead girl

He hit the back of my bus

Bus driver reports bus driver
Bus driver denies the charges

Shit in bus shelter

Scooter tips over going down ramp

Travails of the lift drivers

Can’t save the world. Not a priority but dispatch didn’t say anything

Flashing transmission

Deters accident report. N.p.a

Our favorite lift driver

He’s yelling and screaming and being racial

Car crashes into building


Woman calls in bus driver

Car rolling into street

People waiting at wrong stop

Loud verbal. Too much stuff. ‘What do you want me to do’ (Christ almighty)

Bus was rear ended

Safety fail

Bruce Hansen involved

Accident report. N.p.a.

72 driver confused

Management frustrating max employees

Fare dispute. Unreal. They don’t follow instructions. They wanna be fare inspectors

He pooped his pants

How to drive max drivers nuts

Bus driver says bus driver is screwing up

Lol. The train is in the way

Facilities needs to be written up

Silent alarm

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