Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 14 (00:00-13:06)

Assorted rail fails Doors

Assorted bus fails Lost service No ac Burning Coin box Doors Buzzer Back doors M.i.l light

Gate to buses down
Person ran to my bus knocked on back door-new dispatcher
Little girl running around father doesn’t want bus driver telling him what to do
Parrot Ada
Covert alarm. Unaudable
Police emergency. Yelling and screaming
Missed turn
Cad instructions
Newbie on extra service
Bags stolen from max platform
No relief
Loud verbal. Didn’t have fare, agitated
Loud mouth people
The answer to the question you seek is yes
Do you know where you are?
Missed turn
Travails of the lift driver
Elevator out. Too bad for cripples
He looks like he’s trying to get run over
Bus driver tries to make transfer
ATS trip
Light blinding max drivers
Crazy person on the bus and I want them off
Handle on toilet fell off

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