Saturday, May 5, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 3

Light rail fails. All causes including streetcar

Junk bus, printer,cad,sign,doors  etc Steve birch

Lady fell getting on bus

Customer conduct-she doesn’t know where she’s at

Driver wants to know if it’s ok to load wheelchair during break. Dispatch says she can wait

Thomas speaking. Truck in transit center

Covert alarm. Just hear banging around

Customer conduct. Fight

Customer conduct. He’s throwing insults at me, he called me asshole

Loud and verbal customer caught up with me on his bike

Group of young people blocking buses

Fall getting off max

Man breaks bus door window. Sounds like Wei Pham

Someone bleeding. Max
I think this is the same incident

If you’re late he may be late. Bus driver says bus driver is lazy

Max driver says bus drivers messing up

$20into fare box

Yelling at people

Phone lost behind bus seats. Too bad for her

Oi oy oi. Who cares

Ornery tow truck driver

Loud verbal abusive

Victim refuses medical
Operator says he can’t stay awake

There was a fight on the bus

Bus shelter is destroyed

Travails of the lift drivers

These radios are just superb

Was your signal working. Driver doesn’t know

Cussing is freedom of speech. Bus driver says he’s cussing him.

Bus driver did wrong dead head

Flute found

Someone drove into bench

New controller

He fell after he got off the bus and fell back in the bus


Travails of the lift drivers ‘Suspicious’

Bus driver thinks he has armed robbery suspect on the bus (wtf)

Bus driver ‘about to throw up’

Car cuts off bus

Bus driver doesn’t think other bus drivers are doing reroute

What to do about homeless.

Dispatch doesn’t know where to catch the Clatsop county bus

Some kind of blade on a fence

Didn’t read pouch reroute She says she can do it

Mentally ill on max

Bus riders threatening each other. One has weapon

Broadway cab makes a fortune off trimet

Hop card into fare box

Sitting on the tracks

Run cancelled. Operator fills it

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