Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Control Dispatch May 21

Light rail fails

Bus fails Mr Cobb

He’s being obstinate says white shirt
Guys standing right in front of my bus
She fell on the sidewalk and needs ambulance
Man falls off ramp
She was shaking really bad
Car detached from max
‘The train hit the max’😂😂
Can’t use driveways
White Mustang hits max
Contact garage manager. Uh oh
I was told I was sideswiped. He took off
Max mayhem
Nit picking early buses. Schedule is too loose
Troublemaker left the scene
Child falls getting on bus
I need a supervisor I think I have a man with dementia
9 minutes early
Phones went dead At Elmonica
Missed turn
Bus was damaged
So what?  Christ. Drive the damn bus nothing can be done
Silent alarm. Talking
PCA denied
Here’s the bus driver with a bug up his ass about homeless people
I’m confused and upset about ongoing situation. Wes laughs
She was gonna Mark off

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