Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dispatch Control April 29

Random selection of calls

Need acid number. Don’t know what happened

Bus driver doesn’t know how to deal with open container

Always trespassing

Junk printers galore

Bus driver missed stop

Relief driver will be late. Other bus driver confused and will miss connection

Bus driver runs red light. He thought it was ok

HOP ends discretionary transfer times

Junk bus aka how to drive bus drivers insane Not a priority Not a priority

Loud verbal. Cussing back and forth. Didn’t pay either

Max op needs to file report

Dead wheelchair

Bus driver reports max window is open😂

Mr 🌽 Cobb

Light rail fails

This guy was a litttle bit of a problem now he won’t wake up

People in middle of the street fighting


Trimet doesn’t believe buses need horns

Assault on max

Max mayhem

Always trespassing

No end of the junk printer problem

Tristapo gets frequent flyer

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