Thursday, May 17, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 16 (12:00-24:00)

Max fails
———— Circuit breaker Bump Passenger emergency Friction brake Speedometer Signals

Bus fails
———— Brakes Cad Won’t start Seat Coolant Beeping alarm Cad

The man I wouldn’t allow on board
Max close call
Bus driver accused of using phone
Car got t-boned
Bus driver vs bus driver. (All good)
Fares (waste of time)
It sounds crazy
Busted hot.
Somebody stole a scooter and got on max
Missed the turn
Dead wheelchair
Wes tvm fail
Police on train 29
Altercation at transit center. I don’t know why drivers get involved with this shit
Cops coming to train. Trimet can’t reach 911
Bike cut off
Max hard stop
Problem bus rider
3400bus on route 57
Wrong lift rider
Deters made speech
Hole in max fence
He was very angry at me. Paper towel blew out window
Slimey mushrooms
Crapped his pants
No relief
Woman In wheelchair down on max platform
Driving max operator crazy
Scooter on max
Seat used as changing table

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