Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dispatch/Control May 20

Sick on the bus ‘in the trashcan’
Light rail fails

Fare dispute ends up with someone getting punched
Can’t make turn
Bus hard stop injures woman
Bus bridge. So many light rail fails
Got out of bus to move barrier
Missed turn
Hit pole. P.a.
Have you done extra service? No! (Not from around here)
Idiot downtown walking in front of buses
Priority. Is the bridge open?🀣🀣
Basket full of stuff falls apart
I have this passenger she is crazy
Police emergency. Going crazy over immigrants
Loud vocal wanting to get on my bus. Open sesame. All good. Sheesh
Screwed his back up. Said it wasn’t trimet related (dumb)
Loud verbal. Rude blah blah blah
Junk bus
Priority-man harassing riders
Mirror strike on branch which is a p.a.
Problem rider gets the πŸ‘’
2shootings and 2accidents
Max hard stop
Travails of the poor lift drivers

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