Friday, May 25, 2018

Dispatch/Control May 23 (18:24-24:00) May 24 (00:00-15:73)

Fire In the bushes
Trimet stealing riders cash, no backup tickets,
Ran red light in front of supervisor
Customer conduct. Here is is again sticking his nose into shit that’s not his business. Hasn’t he figured out by now that the cops ARENT GONNA DO ANYTHING. IDIOT
Good luck newbie
School bus driver gets complaint
Bus driver got spit on
Bus driver doesn’t stop
Man spit on woman
Reckless driver
Man slumped over cans
Stuck on grand
Operator sets conditions
Stuck on hawthorn bridge
Bus 9 cancelled for streetcar
14 bus canceled for streetcar
Bus shelter has food scattered
Loud verbal super out there
Smoking on the bus
Max mayhem
Travails of the lift drivers
Rail fails
Bus fails
Sick operator
Drivers that do this should get commendations
Elevator fail
Duct taped sign

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