Sunday, May 6, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 4 (12:00-22:07)

Can’t finish May 4th sorry

Miscellaneous light rail fails

Miscellaneous bus fails

Pregnant lady got sick all over the bus it smells bad
Large group of people harassing people
Stab, murder, kill
Man says he fear for his life
Man refuses medical but bus driver says he needs medical. Bicyclist down he says bus touched him
Wheelchair rider gets her bag busted
Teens assault man, he needs medical
Max mayhem. Kids fighting
Lift rider waits forever
Gotta be Russia
Bus gets rear ended
Bus hit bus
This is not good
Man accuses bus driver of making him run
Priority. Ice cream cone. Driver is hardcore
Bus driver has close call
Bus hits bus. Driver not fazed
Loud verbal. Accuses driver of stopping in wrong place
Bus stop closed sign missing
Priority. Giant wood panel flaying. 😂
Bus stop will be closed forever
Recent class is cancelled
I know how to use that pedal on the right. I left 50people

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