Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dispatch/Control May 1

Just a handful of random clips

Light rail fails

Making threats that he will take over the bus and kill everybody

Max mayhem. This kid is really high on something

Loud verbal. She stopped yelling at me

Bus driver doesn’t like the way bus driver parks

Fall after getting off bus

Butane torch

Took wrong turn. She’s inching forward
Poor thing.

Hard stop causes fall.

He smelled like feces, it’s on the seat

Puke into trash can👍

House key into fare box

Bus driver worried about someone drinking 🤨

Drinking on the bus

Aggravating max drivers

Homeless in the way of max

Crazy on the bus with pick axe

Operator sick

Junk buses

Missed the turn. People missed stop. It’s nervous laugh guy. He’s having quite a career

Safeway bathroom is filthy

Loud verbal. He’s singing (drive faster)

Honored citizens dog, he called me an asshole

Microwave at Hatfield working

Woman falls out of bus seat

Travails of the lift driver Someone backed in to him

Tv and garbage can on max platform

Bus driver wants other bus driver retrained. Lol.

Bus driver says college professor needs bus shelter cleaned😆😆

Puke train. No cleaners. Wonderful. New controller

He’s on the wrong Ramsey boulevard

Junk bus, radio, cad etc

Enthusiastic bus driver

Fabulous locomotive show

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