Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dispatch/Control May 24 (15:73-24:00)

Data pack situation
Streetcar fail caused huge problem
Bus drivers can use streetcar break room
He has this blank stare
Drunk and screaming obscenities
I have a psycho lady screaming at me
Paranoid over red light camera
Bus hard stop with injury
Everything is red
Cop needs someone to complain
Priority. Puke bus. Everyone kicked off
Loud verbal. She’s giving me a headache
I just witnessed a lady get hit by a car
Bus fails
Mr Cobb
Priority. Can I do to drop off 😂
Go ahead girl having a ball. Breath Kathy
Holgate platform broken glass. Police haven’t shown up
Map sucks
Crash. Not trimet
I ran a stop sign
Lost and confused for 5hours
Huge traffic mess Tualatin
Driver worried about on time performance
Cops told bus driver to drive
Travails of the lift drivers Also no parking
Yelling and cursing in the back seat. Dispatch coaches
Tristapo wasting time
Uh oh
Driver doesn’t know any reroutes
Bus fails

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