Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dispatch Control April 30 (00:00-14:19)

Light rail fails

Bus driver torture. Aka junk buses+radios+printers

Travails of trimet lift drivers

Here he is again. Won’t give up on the fares. He calls over and over. Moron

Cell phone stolen

Uncontrollable dog

Car driver vs bus driver


White male is stripping down car.

Camping In Walgreens bus stop

Tristapo bust HC card 😂😂😂


Training supervisor trying to track down groceries

Dispatch says stop closed supervisor says it’s open


Ackerson is vamoose


He has a very large ⛏

I’m lost

Bus Waiting for a train

Merlo mechanic seeks bus

🍺  on the bus

Bus driver tries to make connection

Do you know Oregon city? No!

Man yelling help

Whole bunch of 💩



Always trespassing

Max rider stranded

First bus out didn’t show

Run cancelled bus driver will drive bus to sign up

I had a youngster on here. In their 20’s😂😂

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