Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dispatch/Control May 19

Just a few
Cops to max. Medical
Light rail fails
He’s singing and using profanity   He’s not obeying. 🤣🤣
Man on bike on tracks
2 men screaming at me telling me I’m late and I’m not
Hahahaha. Bike hook is pointing wrong way
HVAC is tripping out
Bus fails
Dispossessed and excluded and a pain
Leave it for 911
So many people forget their stuff it’s hard to believe
Dead wheelchair. No pushing chairs onto the bus
You don’t hear much about these guys
I had an incident. There was a physical altercation. 😂🤣 (another day dude)
No report
Busted by road supervisor but she wasn’t but maybe not
I got to go to the bathroom real bad. (Just do it!)
Excessive baggage
This lift driver knows what she’s doing
Loud verbal. Cussing harassing me. Driver seems unmoved
Max operator has insane woman behind the cab
Sounds like the usual mess at Washington square
Walking down the middle of 6th

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