Friday, May 18, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 17 (14:00-24:00)

Rail fails
****** CTruck Speaker Key out aux om train dies

Bus fails
******* Alarms No reverse Printer Defrosters

Bus is damaged
Suspicious man at Washington Park
Domestic argument on bus
Portapotty chain broke
Fall on bus
Tagged seats. Waste of call
Somebody taking a piss. Waste of time calling it in
Puke bus
Kids throwing stuff at buses
Witnesses accident
She’s  really rude nasty mouth
He fell down face first
Request police. Sounds like a domestic
Max mayhem
Priority. Accident.
Loud verbal.
Bus driver thinks other bus is going the wrong way
Cops looking for teen
Missed the turn
Lift denies wheelchair
Filming bus going down the road
Accident report. P.a. Most likely
Travails of the lift drivers
Bus driver complains about bus driver
Gang of cops block max
Open container brown bag. (None of drivers business)
Police state waste
Read paddle wrong
Kids were cursing and stuff
Want k9 to skip train

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