Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dispatch Control May 29

Trouble on the train
Rail fails
Always trespassing
He’s bleeding all over his face
Streetcar mirror hit
Slumped over may not be breathing
 Bad bus riders
Bus driver puts out fire
Deters accident report
Max operator error comes to the cops attention
S.i.p. Fares
Poor max riders
Bus driver witnesses accident
Priority. Road closed😂
Red light flahsed
Can/bottle criminal
Go ahead
💉💉💉💉💉(nobody cares dude)
Bus rider falls on bus rider
Refuses to get off bus
Masturbator on da max
Man breaks bus door glass
Keep bad guy off bus
Bus stop in work area
Always light rail fails
The problem with bus failures is that operators have to deal with them& the buses are crap
7 tires in bus shelter
Horn won’t stop
Fire near max platform
Travails of the lift drivers
Always trespassing

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