Monday, May 28, 2018

Dispatch Control May 27

Ball valve. Junk train
Extra service fail
Trimet bus drivers don’t like the homeless and there is nothing can be done
Sun kink
Smoking on the max.
The rider has spit on another bus driver
Signals always screwing up
Homeless dirt. Lol. What
Terminal cancer patient
Big old bottle of wine and fell when exiting
Bus driver rats on her self
Rotten fish on board
All parties involved in the assault have left the bus
Accident report, most likely p.a.
Tripped the signal
Red knob
$20 into fare box
Loud verbal. Fare dispute
Why is the equipment such junk
Somebody ran over bus stop pole
He wants to go home
More junk trains. What’s going on with all these light rail mechanicals
Crazy on the steel bridge
Always trespassing
Driver reports his late departure
Trouble on the train
Bloody hand and mirror is punched
He has his thing out peeing randomly
Printer malfunction more ripped off riders
Trapped in elevator. Or not
Baby 👶 stroller criminals
2 elevators down
Now they’re stealing HOP passes

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