Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dispatch Control May 26

quick scan
Driver wants to make transfer. That’s  5 star
This sort of thing can drive bus drivers insane
Heavy rail calls light rail
I’ve got cans all over my bus
Man smells of urine
Bus bonanza
Man In wheelchair tips backwards
Priority. Drug overdose
Blind man walking where he shouldn’t be
Some sort of mayhem going on in the bus
Teenagers raising hell
Doesn’t want to go back to the garage
Max speed signs confusing operators
Not sure why drivers get all worked up over stuff going on in the street. Nothing can be done
He wet his pants
Passed out
Bus driver told not to do it again
Tequila or bourbon. Entertaining driver
Bus driver getting sharp pains
Gang enforcement
Man with open beer denied
He smells of alcohol and says he’s ok
Loud verbal. Very demanding. Verbal judo allowed
Lift fail
Urinated all over the seats
Drivers have to put up with all sorts of crap equipment and it’s unsafe
Bleeding denied. 12took off
Always love herb Hansen
All the buses are leaving with passengers are running after them.
Loud verbal. Mental issue
Medical. Max
Train died
Bus driver going wrong way

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