Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 8 (13:37-24:00)

Junk buses, printers, cads, etc etc

Light Rail fails, signals, switches etc etc

Travails of the lift drivers Needs ambulance Driver thanks dispatch

Looking under a train
No wipers
Spider webbed window-supervisor says safety glass
Blood on his forehead
Ran out in front of my bus scared me 1/2 to death
I think I made a wrong turn
Screaming profanities
Ladder and duct tape
Medical emergency
Red wagon with 2kids in it
Max mayhem. DK
Due to power outages
Female using stick at trains
🤮 🤮🤮🤮
Accident report. Probably p.a.  Drug test
He threatened to slap the fuck out of me
Priority. Man down
Ada sitting up against another Ada
Pee or 💩💩💩
Colorful lift driver
Bus driver is having a reaction

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