Thursday, May 24, 2018

Is Trimet really in the process of change?

Mcfarlane slinked out the back door (to his tax funded six figure retirement) and three board members got "fired".  Some of the activist groups see these moves as evidence that things may be 'changing' at Trimet.

 Personally I'm not buying any of it.
 Obviously our masters are aware that Trimet has a public relations problem. 
Trimet officials knew they couldn't get the citizens to open their wallets. 
 It was so bad they turned the whole thing over to Metro hoping that they can coax the citizens into ponying up their hard earned cash for that horrible southwest corridor project. 
The masters have plowed 100's of millions of payroll tax dollars on that damn project, they don't need voters approval for that.
 Any citizen capable of rational independent thought knows that all of these Trimet capital projects serve the elites that are involved in the projects. 
 From the planners, engineers, construction contractors, managers, coordinators  etc etc on and on.  This project will do nothing to help the citizens anymore than that  Division gentrification project will. 
 Meanwhile Trimet on the ground services continue to struggle

The "leadership" has basically remained the same at Trimet.  
Kelsey is Mcfarlanes hand picked successor and Bruce Warner remains the president of that sock puppet board. 
None of the three new board members know anything about transit from what I've seen.  

Our 'masters' are experts at fooling us. 
All they want is our money.
Government today serves only the interests of the elites, you see it at all levels.
Don't buy the hype.

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