Friday, May 18, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 17 (00:00-14:00)

Rail  fails
———- Visor Signal Blocked Woojin I got juice Wipers Doors

Bus fails
——— Alarms Blinker Radio Bus died Bus missing 96broke Down Won’t go into gear Check engine Turn signal

I am super confused
Car under gate arm
Max mayhem
Priority. Man threw backpack at bus and I ran it over
Lift driver told to get her ass in gear leaving dialysis patient
Mirror. Dan Kelley
Operator spit on. Friday
Passenger falls out back door
Unresponsive on max
Police all over. Max
I’m having one of those days I forgot my coffee and sign wrong run
I feel like I’m going backwards
Driving with 4 ways flashing
Operator getting sick from bus
I got flustered
Debris on Ross Island

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