Thursday, May 17, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 16 (00:00-12:00)

Light rail fails Woojin Signals Tod fault etc Circuit breaker Bucks and kicks Hydronic oil

Bus fails Printer Radio Radio Warning lights Won’t go into gear Bucking bus Sign I’m dead Radio dead Lift Abs Air pt2 Doors Yield

Unresponsive. Max
Loud verbal. He was singing other man told him to shut up
Bad flagger
Smoking meth
Dead wheelchair
Drivers portapotty fecal matter
Bridges going up and down
Bike trailer on max
Bus driver not happy with bus driver
15 angry riders today
Woman sits in drivers seat and messes with shit
Twelve 34
Bicyclist hit
Man wants bus driver to call 911
BF freaking out
Bike&trailer on max
She’s not having much fun
Stopped at wrong stop
Had to go into oncoming traffic due to homeless camp Nazi action
Driver tries to get riders transferred
Priority. Fender bender with garbage truck
Priority&mechanical. Doors stuck on mall. Poor driver is being Trimetized
Aalways trespassing
Disrupting passengers. Started with fares. Stupid BS
Anybody waiting for this bus is screwed. Another trimet failure
Irritating max rider

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