Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 15 (00:00-15:20)

Assorted light rail fails Blocked Pick up trains Fit check Signals Brake lights Manhole cover Multiple trains suffer power loss

Assorted bus fails Hop Back door Brakes-trans Brakes Mirror Tire

Want the good news or the bad news
Accident report
Threatening on the bus
He wants to go to McDonald’s
Biohazard at Gateway
Loud bus rider
Alcohol all over bus
Poop on bus seat
Lift driver trying to drop off invisible rider
Driver paranoid about woman in garbage can
Lift rider hurts shoulder
Man pours water into the train
Travails of the lift driver
Customer conduct. Something about bikes
So drunk he can’t sit in the seat
When service dogs collide
Her face is bleeding
Puke bus, chunky
Ranting and raving and fell asleep
Park and ride hog
Lift bus hits pothole she said ouch
Priority. Can’t pick up Ada
Fall when bus stopped
Screaming woman knocked down man
White shirt tells rail operator safe operating procedures
No ID dresses as G4S. Sheesh who cares

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