Monday, May 28, 2018

From the Drivers Side question and answers from ATU757 candidates

John Wold
Bruce Hansen
Henry Beasley
Gordon Duncan
Chris Day


Goonies said...

I want my right to strike back ASAP! Teachers have the right to strike! Do you thinks the Teamsters would give up there right to strike??? HELL NO

Chris you got Assaulted over bus fare at least once I believe! NO bus barriers don't want them.

Getting more members involved. 1. Ask members what their strength are we have many drivers with college degrees and other talents! Give members a discount for going to union meeting or helping out around the office or anything special ATU needs. This is done in other UNIONS.

Take union money and buy Advertising on Buses,RADIO TV EVERY Month trimet cannot reject any add on buses under Oregon Constitutions.

as you can see Writing is not my strength

Goonies said...

How come Duncan is the only one who want to work on bringing back our right to strike.

Mr. Wold when Lift went on strike it lasted less then one Day.

If we strike just send the white shirts on strike.

No Dispatch = No buses
NO Control = No Light rail.
you can not replace any of these jobs over night they require extensive
Our strike would last less then 2hrs